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Light at the end of the tunnel

I speak from first hand experience when I say that no matter what you are going through, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I feel that it applies to anything that you are going through in your life.  That includes your physical health, your mental and emotional health, and more.  If you can let go of the drama that your “ego” is creating for you, I believe than that is a very good start.  It is amazing what illusions our ego can create.  It can get really full of it self.  The ego can get very grand in it’s distorted stories and wreak hoavoc on you.  It plays with our heads and mind.  It can create a darkness or lightness.  It all depends on how you choose to respond to it.  Do you choose to be reactive or watch (witness) and let it go.  This applies to anything that is going on in your life, or has gone on in your life.

We can have a certain maindset on different situations in our life that we wanted to look a certain way.  We want a certain outcome.  However, it does not go the way that we wanted it to.  I believe that it is a wonderful opportunitybeing presented  for us to really re-evaluate what really is going on with that particular situation in our life.  No matter what it all entails. No matter what it may look like.  We are given gifts everyday in our life.  So how do you choose to look and respond at your gift being given to you?

I just recently myself went through  quite a dark period in my life.  I can tend to be very dramatic with things going on in my life.  You would think that I would learn to just “BE” at all times.  My ego can tend to take the smallest happenings in my life and take them completely out of context.  Lordy, it was creating all kinds of “crap” in my head.  The stories that my ego was telling me was ridiculous now that I can look at it with a different perception.  Everytime I go through this I always tell myself that I will remember to not play into it next time.  Guess what?  I forget and get dragged right back into that old story that the ego has repeated in my head time and time again.  Everytime I go through difficult times I feel like I do not have the strength to get through it.  Yet I get through it.  It can last minutes or weeks.  It all depends on how quickly I reconginze what story is playing within me.  I learned something valuable in my experiences with my ego.  When you notice that things are off and they should not be, remember to ask yourself is this how I really feel, or is this my ego talking?  Then all you have to do is STOP what you are doing. LISTEN to what your BODY is saying.  Yes, I did say your BODY.  Your body never lies to you.  It speaks the truth.  Ask it questions.  Pay attention to how it feels.  If it feels light and free you decide if that is a good feeling for you-is that your YES.  If your body feels heavy how are you feeling?  Do you take that as a NO?    Try doing that sometime.  See if it works out for you.  Play with it.  Have fun with it.  Then blog me back and tell me what your story was.

I wish for all of you Love and Light!  May you have gentleness on your journey.  Be kind to yourself.  Do something that shows you how much you LOVE you, everyday:)

Blessings to you ALL,


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