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Just BREATH………. March 16, 2012

March 17, 2012

Through these trying times….intense energies….various feelings and emotions of FEAR and REMEMBERING, we need to remember most importantly to BREATH.  It is quite simple…in….out…..and repeat.  However, that is not the only tool, or strategy to use to assist us in these changing times.  There are many things that you can do, to help with transitioning through the shiftings in the ever changing of the energies, in this beautiful universe.

For those of you who are new to this THING that is going on.  We are in a vital point in our AWAKENING and will be for the next few months.  The AWAKENING  process is coming into your AUTHENTIC self.  Remembering who YOU are. 

We are coming out of all the debris (crap) that has been piled on us for life times.  We ARE FREE!  The light is HERE!  It is time for us to step into and onto our PATH:)  This is the life time to remember the MAGIC.  The magic that is out in this BIG beautiful universe.  There are millions of us shining so brightly.  So bright that some people have a hard time of looking at us.  It can then produce FEAR.  The fear exists only because not everyone understands what our light is about or what it means. 

It is amazing when you stop and take the time to explain what the light is about to others, you can see them shift right before your eyes.  I guarentee that you have assisted others in their progress of moving forward just by doing that simple little task.  How fast they choose to move, if at all,  is completely up to them.  I believe that we will be witnessing the universe upping the ante, very soon.  It will be very interesting to see what all happens from this moment forward, throughout the summer.  BIG, BIG changes:) 


I Am so excited! 

Integrity, is shining brightly, or lack of.  If you are not in HONOR of yourself than the Universe is calling your bluff.   Use discernment in all that you say and do.  Dare to SPEAK your TRUTH (wisdom).  It is time to like what YOU hear coming from you.  If it is about the highest good for yourself and you feel good about it, just do it already.  Stop living in fear of the what if’s.  Stop worrying about the “what if’s”, who cares. Just DO IT already!

Now for the” what am I supposed to do here, now at this time.”  When was the last time you were truly happy?  If never, why not?  What would happiness look like to you?  What does having healthy FUN mean to you, or look like to you?  This is your time to figure it out.  The Universe is calling you on your stuff.  There is no more time to waste on doing things that do not make you sing.  I am not just saying singing with your physical voice but your internal voice, your energy.  It is time to change the “harmony” from within.  Is it high vibration?  Or is it so-so?  If only so-so, what do you need to do to get it to a higher vibration?  What does “playing more” look like and feel like to you?

When was the last time you had REAL FUN without drinking, drugs,  or following the crowd?

How many people out there have a superficial way of looking at life and others?  This is the time for everyone to really examine and look closely at how you REALLY look at life.  This is part of coming into your Authentic self.  There are different components to it. 

Many people are out there ASLEEP.  It is time for you to REALLY wake up and start living.  No more excuses.  It is time to do what you came here to do.  Live a better life full of happiness, joy, and BEing.  You get to decide how that journey looks to you. 

I AM not telling you what you need to do.  What I am saying,  is mere suggestions.  As a Spiritual Counselor, I am just getting you to do something different. Some might see it as challenging you.  nothing wrong with that.   If you choose not to, cheers to you.  Be happy in whatever you choose to do and be.  Be your BEST at whatever that looks like to you.

As you choose to reexamine your life.  Remember not to panic.  Just remember to breath…in…out…..I wish you well.  I wish you luck.  Be happy in whatever you choose to do.  Remember that you are never alone, no matter how lonely it feels.

Dare to ask for guidance but also be willing to listen.  If you have a hard time listening, be still, and breath.

Laugh at life because we make it much more difficult than it actually is:) 

SMILE-it raises the vibration-the universe loves when we do that:)

May you have Peace on your way to finding yourself, and discovering who you truly are:<D





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