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Not this AGAIN…… March 5, 2012

March 6, 2012

Today, was another wonderful day that I spendt at the zoo.  I love being with the animals.  They give me so much.  My energy shifts so easily when I am around them.  I hope they feel the same way when I enter into their space.  I know I am very aware and mindful of what I bring in with me, energetically.  Especially, when I am going to be around the animals for a period of time.  They absolutely amaze me.  The eye contact that I have with them.  I make sure that I am able to take my time visiting with them.  I do not like rushing through it.  The animals pick up on that energy.  They have nowhere to escape to.  They deserve to be witnessed and observed for who they ARE.

The people that walk into a space, being unaware of the energy that they carry with them, always amaze me.  I find that at times I get really annoyed with it.  I then find myself going into judgement on myself for thinking harshly about them.  What a love and light person that I am.  I do quickly turn it around though, and replace those lower vibrational thoughts with higher ones.  I go and hug a tree for extra grounding and reminding me of “we are all one.”  To look at someone with dismay is looking at myself the same way.  It says a lot.  Thank goodness I hear what the messages are, most of the time.

Since I am in human form, I have to remember that I am perfectly, imperfect.

As I was exchanging energy with the animals, I was shifting left and right.  My body was swaying back and forth and every which way.  It was amazing.  It felt bigger than ever before, my shifting.  Most of the animals had their butts to me when the major shifting was occurring.  They were shifting big time also.  God bless all the animals.  Where would we be without them.

I saw my boy’s today.  The gorillas.  Togo and Schroeder.  They are the two most beautiful creatures that I have laid my eyes on.  What they do for me.  Lordy, I cannot even explain.  I LOVE them SO much.  Their energy reminds me of lifetimes of BEing with them.  They bring me such JOY and comfort.  I see myself living with them one time or other.  I am talking life times ago.  I talk to them telepathically.  It amazes me everytime.  They respond when I speak to them.  The eye contact with both of them.  I feel like we are all remembering together.  That connection is WAY COOL.

I made my round to the majority of the animals today.  The giraffs were in a category of their own.  One of them had what looked like a cut on his left back leg.  I was doing energy work on him, with his permission.  He had major blockage.  As I was facilitating the light language on him- his ears, neck, legs, and body were shifting and moving.  His eye contact was intense with me.  A friend came over and we both continued the energy work on him.  A brief moment later- I heard him say- stop- and that was enough.  I saw his cut getting smaller and smaller.  Now the rest of the work is up to him.  The cut does not look infected.  But I could feel that he was in pain.  He also was favoring that leg.  But I did everything that I could do for him.  Now he has to allow the healing to continue.

So…. with all of that energy exchanging that was going on, I thought I was in a really good place, energetically. Now, getting to the title of this blog…”.not this again.”  I forgot to prepare myself with the emotional and mental aspect of the shifting.  Holy cow!  It is becoming so much easier to shift.  It is not as harsh as it once was.  Today, all of a sudden I just starting thinking about- maybe I really don’t want to do the work that I came here to do.  Maybe just maybe- I really don’t want to help others.  My whole life has been based on being there for others.  My god, I just phased out of the mental health profession after 11-12 years of it.

I started thinking about- what if I think that this is what I am supposed to do.  Help others.  That is what good people do, right?  But do I really want to do it.  Do I really care.  My whole life, has always been directed by others.  Everyone has always given me their opinions whether or not I have wanted them.  It doesn’t help that as an old soul, I feel very clueless.  I would say that is my biggest frustration in my spiritual evolution.   However, on that note~ who better than myself to work with others who may feel the same way.  So I got my answer.  Yes, I am supposed to work with people and help them move forward on their path to spiritual evolution.  I have so much love and compassion for others. Everyday, I work on being able to project that love and compassion back to myself.   I know it will also evolve.

This is the life time for me to shine.  It is safe for me to do so.  There are so many of us who are out there and feel the same way.  This is the life I choose to SHINE for ALL to SEE.  It is time that I set myself FREE.  Free to just BE~ ~ME~!!!.


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