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What’s going on energetically March 2, 2012

March 3, 2012

Thank goodness for Mother Earth.  The other day, I was releasing not only my own “stuff”, but also that of the group consciousness.  It was a world wind affair, let me tell you.  What I am seeing as of today yet, is words swirling all around, us.  It is all based on fear.  We have been given an opportunity to see it, not react to it, let it go, or you can go ahead and join it.  It is an individual decision.  It is one that we must all make.  There is no “getting out of it”.  We are being presented with an opportunity of a life time.  Each and every one of us, free-willingly, is being presented with this phenomenal gift.  Do you jump into that swirling mess of stuff, or, do you choose to notice it and make sure that you walk away from it.  Without any thought to it.  No wondering what it is.  Simply just staying out of it.  That mess is drama, chaos, and fear whirling around all of us.  So be aware of IT being there.  I choose to say no thank you to it.  I feel so much calmer in doing so.  I am seeing millions of light beings taking old musical notes and opening them up, clearing them out, and putting higher frequencies of sound into them.  Then, off they go, out into the universe. 

We are in the most remarkable time of our lives people.  The things that we are witnessing and observing out THERE amongst u,s has never existed before.  I am seeing different light beings that I have never seen before in my whole life.  I have been able to see everything, ever since I was born, and before, but that is another story.  I see light beings coming from places I never knew existed.  Every being ever created is watching us.  They are wondering what in the world are we doing.  These beings are amazed by us.  We have done so much work.  I AM amazed at what I am witnessing and enduring, just myself.  Never would I have ever guessed that we would be energetically where we are currently.

I cannot stress enough about what the earth is going through right now.  She has been preparing herself for some time for this enormous event.  The raising of our consciousness.  The outdoors has been preparing, big time for at least the past two years.  I do not think enough people realize how much just hugging a tree can do for you.  If you give the trees permission they will drink from you all that you wish to rid yourself of.  All you have to do is allow their essence into your space.  Just by saying YES. 

Walk on her-mother earth, and talk to her.  Love her back.  All you need to do, is, just BE.  She loves and adores us no matter what.  She can be firm and bold when needed.  She will give you a talking to as she sees fit.  She is our parent here, on this earth.  I suggest you treat her with alittle more RESPECT then you have in the past.  She is amazing!  Talk to the trees.  They listen without judgement.  They love us to their fullest potential.  They help us to thrive.  All they ask us, is to LOVE them back.  There is nothing but stability in these beautiful creatures.  They provide us warmth, when needed.  They ask us to walk on the earth, and come and talk to them.  Lean your back up against them. Smile.  Say thank you.  Visit them regularly.  They love all our presence.

So, if you want to feel connected, especially in times like these.  Just go outside.  Just BE.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  Know that you are loved and safe.  No matter how you are feeling.  Old stuff that you no longer need in your body, mind, or spirit just wants to exit.  So let it go.  Choose to be free.  Surround yourself in positive thoughts.  Smile.  Laugh.  We take ourselves way to seriously.  Start enjoying nature.  Be yourself.  Love with all your heart.  Foregive those that you feel have done you wrong.  It is time to wake up.  It is time to be free.  It is time to move forward in your life, with EASE.  Remain in grace as much as you can, even do some yoga zen. 

Remember no matter what you are feeling there is nothing to fear.  Just make sure that you keep your head clear.  If in doubt you can always talk it out.  It is ample opportunity to talk with your higher self.  So talk.  Take care.





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