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Noticing the subtle signs-Universe March 1, 2012

March 2, 2012

Noticing the signs that the Universe sends me, amazes me, everytime.  Today, I went for a walk out amongst the trees in a nearby park.  It was a particular peculiar start of the day.  I woke up and felt pretty good.  I had a good night of sleep.  I had not yet done my morning ritual.  The first thing I did, was get up, and start cleaning my bedroom.  From there, the morning became quite twilight zone episody.  The universe presented to me opportunities to respond differently, to situations that I had no control over.  Just a couple of days ago, I may have reacted differently.  Instead, I choose to just witness and observe everything going on around me. 

First time ever, that my ego allowed me to rationalize something, without making it come across as crazy. It actually allowed me to stand back, and calm myself down, faster than ever before.  My ego, actually looked at what was going on, and let it go right away.  No arguments, or distorted thoughts.  There were no illusions about playing the role of a victim.  I let it go. Easy Peazy.

After that happening, I went to the park.  I was told by my guides to get going and not blow off going outside.  They also said for me to bring my camera.  Today, was a beautiful sunny day.  GORGEOUS!  As I was walking outside I had to turn around and go back home 3 different times because of various reasons.  Finally, I started my walk to the park, and made it ther, safely.

Right away, I was drawn to all the places that I walked to in the park.  I have always had a HUGE connection with trees.  So, the very first thing I did was- walk up to this beautiful tree.  The energy that was coming from that tree was Spectacular.  I leaned my back up to it and it just drained all of the morning events from me.  It felt like I was a straw, and the tree was drinking from me.  I LOVE trees because of that, as well as, many other reasons.  They are wise and loving, brave, and tall.  They are majestic to me.  I LOVE my trees!!!!!  I then proceeded to take many pictures and walked in the snow to get to all of the trees that were luring me to them.  I swear, they were like maiden sirens luring me to witness and stand in their beauty.  Unlike the maiden sirens in mythical tales of luring sailors to their destruction.

The vibrancy that radiated from the trees was amazing.  Everywhere I looked, I saw beautiful lights and energy coming from them.  They were talking.  Their voices lured me deeper into the snow.  The pictures that I took were stunning to me.  I am like a proud momma who is so proud of her kid’s.  Everytime I look at the pictures,  I just smile-ear t o ear.  They make me so happy.  I never in a million years, would have ever thought, that I would be so ooey gooey over trees.  I have always loved them but not to the extent of how I feel about them now.  So what a wonderful way to turn my day around, especially after the start I had earlier this morning.

On my way home from the park,  I could not keep my eyes from looking up into the clouds.  They were spectacular today.  The clouds are the most wonderful mass of water, or whatever they are specifically made up of.  I saw babies, rabbits, elephants galore,men and women, baby angel, and a bear with its nose and mouth in a jar of honey.  The clouds are like watching television, except for none of the violence.   I love the clouds.  I have watched them ever since I can remember…way back as a child.

They give us messages.  We just have to listen to them, intently.  I looked up the shapes that I saw in my dream book,and animal book.  It was amazing.  They fit with what is currently going on in my life.  New birth within self, new aspects coming into being.  New beginnings.  Openness, untapped potential for growth.  Highest ideal of spiritual self, important dream message, so listen. Look for fertile signs and use lunar cycle.  If unsure, wait, answers will become clear within the month.  Then movement is assured.  Past life knowledge and ancient power is awakening.  Respect traditions–your own and others.  Act on what is best for others.  Your answers lie beneath the surface.  If you continue to dig, answers will be found.  Trust what smells right to you.  Inner potentials are awakening..  Trust your own unique rhythms–not those of others.  This will bring the honey you seek.  Is this hysterical or what.  I LOVE how the Universe gives us the messages that we need to receive to help us along our journey in life.

I lOVE the fact that I actually get what the universe is saying to me most of the time.  When I don’t get what they are saying, I seek out assistance from others to help me discern what it is I am needing at that time in my life.  LIFE is so interesting.  Just think of all the people out in the world that are completely unaware of what is going on around them.  Inside and out.  My hope is that everyone will one day very soon, wake up.  They have no idea what they are missing.  There is so much out there that we do not know about.  It is a phenomenal universe!  Wake up and enjoy it, even more now then you do.

My saying for for the day is wake up, enjoy, love, and laugh!  Life is way to short to be SO serious.

May you find blessings in all you do,

Beth Jacobson


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